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"Terranova serves a wide range of customers in diverse industries.  We focus on consistently providing value through innovative products, great client service, and integrated sourcing strategies.  Let us prove our value and start your own relationship with Terranova".

Eduardo Montero, President
Terranova Holdings LLC

Who We Are

Terranova Holdings LLC is a privately owned corporation based in the United States and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our headquarters is in Indiana given that many of our suppliers are in the Midwest and also allows us to be close to main shipping hubs such as UPS, FedEx, and others.  Terranova Holdings LLC is the owner of a group of businesses including a machinery business, an industrial component business, a heavy vehicle component business, and an export/import agribusiness.  In our component businesses, many of our customers are large businesses that are interested in consolidating shipping and products with one vendor who knows their needs and has close relationships with key suppliers.  In our agribusiness, our customers are interested in securing fresh and exciting new products for niche markets.

Terranova's Vision

Terranova Holdings LLC's vision is a company that delivers value to our business partners and associates in every venture we participate.

Terranova's Value Proposition to Our Customers

Our strategic deliverables to our customers are 1) the speedy sourcing of routine, out-of-stock, and/or hard-to-find items 2) a hassle-free purchasing process, 3) the consolidation of purchases with one vendor, 4) the reduction of costs by centralizing timing and location of shipments, and finally 5) quality at a good price through bundled purchasing and volume discounts.

Terranova's Strategic Imperatives

Terranova Holdings LLC's strategic imperatives are the following: 1) treat our business partners like they are part of our own business and therefore making sure they will grow profitably with us in the long run, 2) put the interests of our end user customers before ours in every day decisions, and 3) improve the lives of our associates.   

Terranova's Values

Terranova Holdings LLC and its group of companies operate with the highest standards of ethics, a culture of continuous improvement and responsiveness, and care for the communities where we we live and do business.  

Terranova's Operating Business Model (OBM)

Our Operating Business Model or OBM consist of the following priciples:

a) Procure new, unique, quality, value-added products to markets we know 

b) Apply years of marketing experience to build brands and grow markets

c) Drive lean and continous improvement in our operating processes

d) Achieve sustainability through ethical and long-term decision-making

e) Reinvest in our business and in our communities through our foundation

Terranova's Mission

Our end goal is the loyalty of our partners, our customers, and our associates